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NECTJ Kizuna Program 2017/03/11-03/21

1. Overview

The Student Exchange Committee of the Northeast Council of Teachers of Japanese is planning to invite the high school students from Northeast area who lost family and friends during the Great East Earthquake on March 11, 2011 to the United States. This exchange program’s goal is to foster greater cultural connections between Japanese and United States students through the power of learning about a natural disaster and its effects upon a people and its country.

2. Purpose

(1) Encourage Japanese high school students by providing the opportunity to come to the United States to speak with our students and share their experiences and feelings.

(2) Provide students in the United States the opportunity to listen to the stories of the victims (their peers) and ask questions in order to gain greater insight into the natural disaster.

(3) Motivate and promote the study of Japanese language and culture programs in high schools in the United States.

(4) Develop networks between Japan and United States high school students who will then act as a bridge to connect Japan and the United States in the future.

(5) Exchange their experiences and opinions US audiences including Japanese American and international people the opportunity to listen to the stories of the victims (their peers) and ask questions in order to gain greater insight into the natural disaster.

3. Program Period (7 days to 10 days) during the spring recess for Japanese students
Sample Student Schedule, 10 days
3/11 (Sat) Arrive at JFK and meet his/her host family and teacher
3/11 (Sat) Meet host family , UNIS
3/11 (Sat) – 3/21 (Tues) Stay with host family and attend school with host brother/sister
3/20 (FrI Participate in Special meeting at Japanese American Association
3/20 (Mon) Participate in Spring Festival at UNIS
3/21 (Tues) Leave New York (return home)
3/22 (Mon) Arrive Narita
4. Obligations of the Participants

Participating schools are expected to provide a host family and local transportation to/from Narita Airport.

5. Application procedures

(1) Application form

Application form
Application forms can be downloaded from the website of the Northeast Council of Teachers of Japanese (NECTJ) or obtained directly by contacting NECTJ. Go to our Contact Us page to print and submit the form.
[NECTJ contact]
Homepage: http://nectj.org/
Email: nectjapanese@gmail.com

(2) Deadline: Friday, February 10th, 2017

• Application materials arrive at the NECTJ office,

Mail to: The NECTJ
c/o Mr. Tsuda
United Nations International School
24-50 FDR Drive, New York, NY 10010